Sustainability is one of the basic principles of our corporate activities as well as a benchmark for our success as a company. This approach means that we take advantage of the opportunities offered by sustainability for our business success while including ecological and social impacts in these considerations. Our most important corporate goal is to achieve sustainable profitable growth. To this end, we strive to be a leader in sustainability as well by taking environmental aspects and the social impact of our activities into account when formulating our business strategy. This is how we create the conditions that allow us to shape the future of mobility. In terms of our products, we are focusing on the vision of emission-free mobility. However, if we are to transform this vision into reality, we will need to address the entire value creation process. That’s why sustainability is important to us not just in terms of the supply chain but also as a component of environmental protection. In addition, sustainability plays a key role at our manufacturing facilities and in the responsible handling of data. Our strategy uses specific sustainability targets to position this concern on the implementation level.