The traffic situation in cities can be made more tolerable by improving traffic flows with the help of phased traffic lights, for example. Other effective approaches include better cooperation between local governments, delivery companies, and OEMs and the electrification of vehicles, including public transport and distribution haulage vehicles. With moovel and car2go, Daimler already offers two successful mobility services that are specifically designed to have a positive impact on mobility in cities. The linking of different modes of transport, which has often been requested, is increasingly gathering speed thanks to digitalization. For example, a mobility service or public transport ticket is now booked/ purchased once every 1.5 seconds with our moovel app. This is a great thing — and not only because Daimler is the world’s leading bus manufacturer. Free-floating carsharing to and from any location is already a matter of course in many cities today. We’ve been a pioneer in this area since 2009 with car2go, which is used by more than three million customers today and now boasts a large proportion of electric cars. Indeed, over the last four years, a total of roughly 55 million locally emission-free kilometers have been driven with our car2go fleet.

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