We will be competitive and innovative only as long as we can attract and bind highly qualified employees to our company. To this end, we are supported by custom-tailored programs and promotional measures in all the important phases of employees’ individual training and career paths.

High-quality vocational training. Our industrial-technical and commercial vocational training, as well as our study programs at the Cooperative State University, enable us to attract most of the junior talents we require. We continuously expand our job portfolio as needed. In Germany, the Daimler Training System (DAS) ensures the high quality and efficiency of our technical vocational education.

In 2018, our international exchange programs for trainees and trainers enabled 165 trainees and 21 trainers to gather initial experience abroad. In addition, we are making our training activities even more international. At our international locations, we are creating our own company training centers and qualification structures or supporting the respective regions’ offers. Furthermore, we are also establishing dual education elements outside Germany.

In 2018 Daimler employed a total of 8,061 trainees (2017: 8,097), including 2,046 abroad (2017: 2,138). At international locations such as those in China and India, more than 6,500 young people are being trained and qualified in cooperation with schools and in other training models. This figure is increasing.

Professional training and qualification — lifelong. In keeping with the principle of lifelong learning, we enable our employees to obtain further education and training — professional as well as personal — throughout their careers. Supervisors and employees regularly meet to discuss qualification topics and agree on appropriate measures.

Operational professional training at Daimler AG is regulated by the general works agreement on qualification. We provide our staff with training and continuing education opportunities for their professional and personal development throughout their careers. At least once a year, employees discuss qualification topics with their managers and agree on appropriate measures. The company agreement on qualification regulates continuing education at Daimler AG. This agreement also stipulates that employees can leave the company for up to five years in order to learn additional skills and guarantees that they can return to the company. In 2018, 323 employees availed themselves of this opportunity. Moreover, managers can facilitate employees’ qualification efforts with time credits and financial support.

Qualification of personnel for the digital transformation. We are creating suitable framework conditions in order to provide our workforce with the skills they need for the digital transformation of our Group. We are working to recruit and bind digital talents and to create a digital management culture and organization. Moreover, we offer qualification measures for the entire workforce on the basis of the identified qualification and professional training requirements for the company’s digital transformation.

To this end, we have developed four strategic areas of action for professional education:

  • Digital transformation: We focus on digitalization in development, production, sales and administration and have consistently aligned our education programs accordingly.
  • Agility in professional education: We strengthen agile forms of working and learning and achieve the required flexibility by ensuring solid basic qualifications and modular specialization for lifelong learning.
  • Digital learning formats and systems: We are creating a fluid and networked IT infrastructure that puts those who learn at the center of everything and enables intuitive learning in any place and at any time.
  • Innovative training and education organization: We develop innovative training and education programs with strategic education partners and use new business models for education and training around the globe.

Qualification focal points and areas of responsibility

  • Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. The Research and Development (R&D) Technology Academy is helping to boost the knowledge of our R&D employees and develop their skills in order to make them fit for their future tasks.
  • Production. Our production locations are responsible for the qualification of managers and specialized employees in manufacturing. We attach especially great value to imparting cutting-edge technical knowledge at these locations. In 2018, we qualified our employees in subjects such as electric mobility and robotic technologies.
  • Sales and customer service. The Global Training unit reinforces and increases the skills of the employees in the Mercedes-Benz sales organization worldwide. It develops training concepts at a central location, from which they are provided to all countries. More than 800 Mercedes-Benz trainers instruct about 210,000 participants each year in over 100 countries around the world. A total of 1.3 million training courses are held each year.
  • Managers and skilled workers. The Daimler Corporate Academy supports the Group as it develops a new management culture and world of work. In 2018, the Corporate Academy helped a total of 65,800 managers and skilled workers worldwide to develop person ally and professionally:
    - as managers (8,000 worldwide, from vice presidents down to line managers),
    - as skilled workers (25,000 worldwide, from IT, Procurement, Finance & Controlling, HR and the Board of Management divisions),
    - in general business skills (15,000 participants in Germany),
    - and academically (more than 133 students in Germany).

The focus here is on digitalization and digital learning, and the programs on offer supplement the Group’s Digital@Daimler projects and initiatives. In the second Daimler Massive Open Online Course — LeadingDigital — managers from all organizational units and hierarchies around the world addressed the topic of leadership in the digital world. All in all, 21 percent of the programs offered by the Corporate Academy focus in whole or in part on the topics of digitalization and agility.

Recruiting and developing skilled talents. Our broad range of careerentry and qualification programs is targeted at talented young employees, to whom we offer development opportunities at our company.

  • Students at the Cooperative State University. The dual education system at Daimler offers 13 internationally recognized bachelor degree programs that combine theoretical knowledge with practical assignments in Germany and abroad. The system is offered at 13 company locations in Germany. In 2018, we had over 180 students at the Cooperative State University (DH). We hire around 200 DH graduates each year.
  • Skilled workers. The “Focus on skilled workers” further education program supports employees in production units who have successfully completed the first few years of their careers and who want to develop professionally by becoming specialists or managers, for example.
  • Manager trainees. INspire is the name given to our range of international talent programs designed to optimally prepare manager trainees for their future careers. Such programs include “INspire — the Leaders’ Lab,” a 24-month training program that places trainees in top projects and assignments abroad. The program focuses from the very beginning on the development of managerial skills. Here, individual support by a mentor from the top management level, as well as customized training courses and varied project assignments, optimally prepare qualified participants with an international profile and professional experience for their future management roles. The “INspire — the Leaders’ Lab” program for manager trainees has been offered to job applicants since 2018 and replaces the previous CAReer trainee program.
  • Doctoral candidates can work on their degree in cooperation with Daimler by pursuing their degree at a renowned university and having Daimler registered as a non-academic partner. The candidates are given a three-year contract for this purpose.
  • Internships. The Daimler Student Partnership (dsp) is a university study support program for all locations. It aims to bind high-performing interns to our company. These students are personally supervised and receive individual support. The program seeks to encourage the participants to directly join the company, to earn a doctoral degree or to enter Daimler through the new management trainee program “INspire — the Leaders’ Lab.”
  • Positions that are hard to fill. Along with our standard recruiting process, we also utilize an active sourcing program to recruit employees for positions that are hard to fill. To do so, we directly address potential candidates digitally via social networks and digital platforms. In addition, we are using global employer branding to position Daimler as an appealing employer brand that offers attractive jobs around the world.
Active sourcing and global employer branding