Through Daimler WeCare we aim to do our part as a globally operating company to promote social development all over the world. That’s because we believe that business success and social responsibility go hand in hand. Through our social commitments, we want to make tangible contributions to the general good, together with our employees, at our locations all over the world.

In 2018, we spent approximately €66 million on donations to non-profit institutions and the sponsorship of socially beneficial projects. This does not include our foundations or self-initiated projects.

Effective control, high transparency. The donations and sponsorship committee of the Board of Management manages all of our donations and sponsorship activities around the world. The committee is guided by our Donations and Sponsorship Policy, which specifies binding regulations concerning criteria, legal provisions and ethical standards. Transparency is additionally facilitated by the donations and sponsorship database, in which all the donations and sponsorship activities of the Group worldwide are recorded. Regular informational measures sensitize our employees to risks connected with donations and sponsorship and help to ensure that these regulations are complied with all over the world.

Daimler WeCare. “With our employees,” “For our locations,” “Worldwide” — these three pillars form the foundation of our social commitment. We encourage our employees to get involved in socially beneficial projects and help improve the social environment in the communities where we operate. We also aim to strengthen communities, promote education, science, the arts and culture, and nature conservation, and to support initiatives such as MobileKids that improve road safety.

With our employees. ProCent is a good example of how our employees take the initiative when it comes to social commitment. In this program, Daimler employees voluntarily donate the cent amounts of their net salaries, and Daimler matches every cent donated. The total amount then goes into a support fund for socially beneficial projects, which can be nominated by the employees. In 2018, approximately 230 projects were approved in a volume of more than €2 million.

One of the many projects that are supported in this way is the Shangri-La International School in Chapagaun, Nepal. The school is currently providing a solid school education to 541 children, most of whom come from poor families. The sanitary facilities of the Shangri-La International School were renovated during the year under review, thanks to the ProCent program. The construction of a biogas plant for the school was also financed.

“Social Days,” the “Day of Caring” and other hands-on campaigns such as “Give a Smile” give our employees the opportunity to participate in socially beneficial projects. During the year under review, almost 1,300 employees in 43 different projects participated in the “Social Days.”

All of these activities are for a good cause, and they also strengthen the motivation of our employees as well as cohesion within the company.

For our locations. We conduct a wide variety of projects that not only support social development at our locations but also specifically improve the quality of life there. Among those that benefited from our activities in 2018 were the various charitable organizations in Stuttgart to which we donated 45 smart EQ1 vehicles within the framework of the project “Im E-insatz für meine Stadt” (“On a mission for my city”) that we launched together with the Stuttgart Civic Foundation.
On a mission for my city

We promote greater safety for children in road traffic through our MobileKids initiative. The program takes a holistic approach and thus is not aimed solely at the youngest category of road users. By providing extensive information and learning materials, we support the efforts of adults and educational institutions to prepare children for dealing with road traffic.

More curiosity — more future. With Genius Daimler has been demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility — since 2010. The aim of this initiative is to get children and young people enthusiastic about technology at an early age. To this end, Genius makes state-of-the-art instructional material available to teachers — some of it in digital form. In addition, Genius offers teachers training based on Genius material throughout Germany. During these practical training sessions, the teachers learn more about current technologies and themes related to digitalization.

Worldwide. We initiate aid projects worldwide to help people determine the course of their lives independently, on their own responsibility and without material deprivation, and in this manner create a better future for the generations to come. The “Water for Life” cooperation project with Caritas International is an example of an international charitable undertaking that extends across three continents. The project is being carried out in semi-desert regions in India, Brazil and Mozambique and supports the sustainable utilization of existing water resources in order to improve the living conditions of local populations. During 2018, we focused in particular on analyzing the results of the project in Brazil and assessing the effectiveness of our funding activities there. Our project in Brazil helped families and cooperatives adapt to difficult climatic conditions, test new farming approaches and develop new marketing channels. On the basis of our analyses, it is clear that the project is beginning to bear fruit.
Daimler WeCare


Funding through foundations. Our foundations support projects around the world related to science, research, technology, education and sports.

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. The Laureus Sport for Good Foundation uses sports to bring people together. It primarily enables socially disadvantaged children and teenagers to discover their potential through sports, and thus creates opportunities for a better future. There are now over 150 Laureus projects under way in more than 40 countries. These projects have helped more than two million children worldwide.

One example is the Boxgirls Kenya project, in which young socially disadvantaged girls from poor Nairobi neighborhoods are taught martial arts in order to help them overcome trauma and strengthen their selfconfidence. The girls can also be trained to qualify as boxing instructors so that they can earn an income of their own. “Boxgirls Kenya” is already helping 2,000 girls.
Laureus Sport for Good

Daimler and Benz Foundation. The Daimler and Benz Foundation supports interdisciplinary scientific dialog and research projects. The purpose of the foundation is to examine and clarify the interrelationships between humans, the environment and technology. The foundation offers scholarships to outstanding young scientists, and it also designs and implements innovative research formats and organizes lecture series.
Daimler and Benz Foundation

Daimler Fund. The Daimler Fund in the Donors’ Association focuses on structural problems related to research and teaching, as well as on the engineering sciences and international and scientific cooperation. Since 1993, it has helped establish 27 endowed professorships/assistant professorships in Germany and abroad.
Daimler Fonds

Areas of knowledge that are receiving support

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